Forcemac products are the preferred after-market alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. As a premier provider of sealing systems for heavy equipment, Forcemac products support tractor parts distribution companies,diesel engine rebuilders, and heavy equipment operators & resellers around the world.

Our products are designed and manufactured for the critical and demanding hydraulic cylinder, transmission, and diesel engine applications found in heavy equipment.
Forcemac manufacturing lines know exactly how to solve sealing problems. Standard and custom designs are quickly engineered using state-of-the-art measuring/inspection equipment partnered with computer aided design/drafting tools. These design tools are combined with CNC-operated manufacturing equipment, giving Forcemac the capacity for high-volume production along with the flexibility to produce gaskets for prototype and low-volume applications.

Forcemac Gaskets are produced from most quality materials; materials that are environmentally friendly, free of solvents and asbestos. Forcemac seals and gaskets are made with high technology tools to guarantee an exact dimension and a proper fit, reducing the risk of leakage and increasing operational life.

• Oil Rings
• Wear Rings
• Metal Face Seals
• Oil Seals
• Back-up Seals
• Buffer Seals
• Crankshaft Seals

• Camshaft Seals
• Hydraulic Seals
• Metal Gaskets
• Paper Gaskets
• Rubber Gaskets
• Head Gaskets
• Engine Gasket Kits