We have all the cooling components for boosting your engine power. Forcemac cooling spare parts help your machines to breath better and longer.

Radiators: Radiator core in bronze, classic type or modular.

Coolers: For engine oil, hydraulic or exchange.

Thermostats: The whole line directly from the original producer in the USA with the technical guarantee of exactly complying with all the original specifications.

Hoses: Specific hoses for water radiator.

Pumps: Complete water pumps and all their components, as well as repair and gasket sets.

Water sealing: Gaskets and orings for cooling system, etc.

Air conditioning: Original or adaptive air conditioning components, in all cases compatible with the original installation.

Maintenance liquids: Long-life anti-freeze and coolant liquids, approved supplementary additives.

Filters: Water filters with additive for the cooling circuit, with the exact specifications for product quantity and quality.

Tools and instruments: Ph meter of the coolant liquid, infrared thermometer.