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Research & Development

Forcemac expertise is the result of years of collaboration with the leading customers in the field, ongoing R&D and continuous feedback from our customers on the performance of our products. Thus, we can deliver the best solutions to ensure maximum productivity.

We work closely with our customers, get their feedback and pride ourselves on providing a complete service. Using the most advanced technologies, we develop the initial concept into engineering drawings, following every stage through to the definition of the final project.

We also conduct detailed analyses of components in the laboratory and dynamic tests on testing rigs engineered and produced in-house. Our team of experts performs standard protocols as well as specific tests requested by the customer.

Product Support

The aim of product support is to assist clients, build customer loyalty and create a partnership relationship with both customers and end users. Our dedicated team of Product Support Specialists receives extensive training on how to operate each of our products and, thanks to our global presence, has built up significant expertise on special applications.

Furthermore, it will check the product is being used correctly and give advice to ensure maximum productivity, longer life and lower maintenance costs.



From the moment a product is installed to when it reaches its wear limit, it is monitored following specific procedures and parameters: because monitoring a product’s performance means visiting customers, controlling machinery and checking the most crucial values using both traditional and ultrasound instrumentation.

This information also enables us to improve our products and deliver the best solutions to our customers at all times.

After Sales

Our After Sales service is designed to help you, wherever you are, providing top quality service in record time. Our professionals are always on hand to give you the best advice and assistance: specialized staff, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our international sales network is one of the key of our success, and it is continuously evolving thanks to our global success status. Essential strategic qualities that give our prices and services the competitive edge.

Our customers can connect to a global network that offers efficient product distribution and unbeatable delivery times, while guaranteeing an After Sales Service that is tailor-made to their specific and unique needs.