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Do you need superior quality of Forcemac spare parts?


Forcemac provides full range of spare parts for all major construction and mining equipment companies. We can cover most of your needs either small quantities or bulk orders. We always offer our clients very quality products, competitive prices as well as 7/24 service.



We are able to provide efficient, fast and reliable service as our warehousing, distribution and office operations are consolidated under one roof in Forcemac  with different locations in the world inside complex with a total floor area of 300,000 sq feet. Our fully equipped warehouse supplies all your spare part needs in a very short time.


Forcemac offers products of the highest quality backed up by our team of professionals, who will choose to acquire them among the most recognized worldwide manufacturers in the market. This quality, together, with a constant research for new products, give our customers the confidence and results expected of Forcemac.


Young but experienced and well-educated engineers of Forcemac continuously searching the way of innovating the aftermarket spare parts. New models, different designs, stronger products, better production ways, higher product life, lower costs are always in the agenda of Forcemac.

Forcemac has the capability to make its own design with CAD/CAM soft wares, 3D modelling, and get them produced in CNC machines.

We offer continuously development; new product launches as well as improving our quality with our client feedbacks.

Forcemac is growing as a big player in the market.


Forcemac operates in China, Hong Kong and the United States of America. Our products are sold through an international distribution network as well as directly to original equipment manufacturers.

Our biggest strength is to control manufacturing of our products in order to have world class standards supported by the research and development laboratory to improve and innovate our products. The production teams execute precise quality control while ensuring fast and on time delivery.

One of our biggest advantage that we can customize different designs as well as our customer brands. We help our worldwide clients to make their own logo print on the products in order to get better market share in their core business area.



Forcemac products are used in underground and open-pit mine areas. We offer our services and products to onsite mine maintenance companies which brings both parties big advantages to work with mine sites.



Forcemac has a large distribution network as well as product range. We can offer wholesale companies different variations includes Genuine, OEM and great quality Aftermarket products.



One of our biggest advantage for end user Construction Companies are supply small quantities directly from our stock in a very short time and rapid. We bring a big price advantage to those construction companies who trust Forcemac quality.


Forcemac handles all sort of logistic operations for your spare part business. We have a department that its expertise in international parcel, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, base in China and Hong Kong. Forcemac can assist you exploit global efficiencies providing large scale of products and logistics. We do all the work in Southeast Asia while you focus on your competitiveness in your local market. Whether you have a new product idea or current product in the market, we can always offer solutions with skilled labor, low cost raw material and advantages on other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs.